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Xellos is a Deity in Ashwentorrel. He is a god of Deception, Humor, Illusion, Mischief, Otters, Raccoons, Trickery and Tricksters. He is a well-known and widely worshiped god, followed throughout Ashwentorrel and beyond.


  • Noradwin Druids live in the rivers and bayous of Ashwentorrel, and are closely associated with otters, by which they are usually accompanied.
  • Rakins are a priestly class of raccoon-shapeshifting people. They can be of any race, but have the ability to shapechange into a raccoon of up to three times their own size, or three times less. They are known as tricksters and sarcastic ne'er-do-wells but also a force for good. They frequently become bards or artists.
  • Tricklings are an almost exclusively gnomish and yunty class of priests, known for an insane devotion to practical jokes and an apparent inability to take anything seriously. They are very funny comedians, and can use their humor to confuse and misdirect enemies. It is not well-known that they are also highly-trained assassins.
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