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Vanadine is a large snapping turtle spirit found in the Delver marshes in the eastern part of Lake Crikmere in Crikland. Feared by the locals for his size, which is larger than a horse, and his bite, which can snap a man in half at his belly, Vanadine is considered a respected defender of the lake. Children who pollute its waters or fishermen who do not respect their catch are said to find themselves at Vanadine's mercy.

Though not generally known even to Delvers, it is accepted by most scholars that Vanadine is a Pseudodeity, though there is little consistency on which kind. Snapping turtles are common in the Northern Kingdoms, especially in Lake Crikmere, and so it is supposed by some that Vanadine is a Primal Deity. Others consider him a Para-Deity of the Delver marshes themselves. Vanadine is also sometimes considered an Ataxian Deity, created by the fears of Delver children who live in the marshes and contend with ordinary snapping turtles on a daily basis. Some observers have denied the theory that Vanadine is a Pseudeity, and instead consider him an Avatar or Demigod sponsored by Father Delver, who is the local god of turtles.

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