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Alternate names: None
Zones: Air, Earth, Entertainment
Ability Scores
Cultural Manipulation: 30
Prophecy Fulfillment: 10
Deific Perception: 10
Divine Manifestation: 10
Economic Efficiency: 20
Military Effectiveness: 10
Mortal Comprehension: 20
Political Persuasion: 10

Unitzero is the God of Entertainment, Earth and Air. He is worshiped principally in North Kimpall in the Region of Kimpall and New Grethlin.



Feast of Nights (once per quarter year)

This festival celebrates the changing of the seasons, and much mirth, merriment, and mischief ensue. The feast lasts for one whole day. During the Feast of Nights, Cultists gain the ability to imbibe more with no apparent penalty.


  • Cultural:
    • There are no full-time priests for the Cult of Unitzero, there are loosely gathered followers that are in all lands. Remember your neighbor that liked to throw parties at each season's end? they are the followers of the Unitzero.
    • Street performers (Jugglers, Tumblers, Comedians)are the closest thing to priests that the Cult has.
  • Economic:
    • Since the Cultists use this time to also reflect upon the crops and their business' they tend to be the more prosperous members of the community.
    • Cultists tend to start out as hard working individuals that like to have a good time.
  • Military:
    • Cultists do not believe in conflict of any sort.
  • Political:
    • Cultists like to keep out of politics.

Kimpall and New Grethlin

Unitzero in Kimpall and New Grethlin
Zones Local Manifestations
Air: .50 Feast of Nights
Earth: .40
Entertainment: .50
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Cultural: Popular community members (20), Street performers (20) Economic: Prosperous business-owners (10), Hard-working laborers (10)
Military: Political:
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