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Thuura is a god worshiped almost entirely by snow rainids in parts of the Delugian Mountains and Crikland. He is a god of the moon, magic, conjuration, summoning, stealth, cunning, wizards, rams, the moon, silence, shadows, divination, ritual and isolation. He is mysterious and poorly understood even by most rainids, with only the disaffected and outcasts from rainid society joining his priesthood. To ordinary members of the species, he is the secretive god of magic, and his followers are perceived as quiet, terse wizards who are powerful but unreliable and disloyal.


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The Snowsage class is a type of wizard worshiper of Reymez. They are closely affiliated with the Moon, and their spellcasting level depends on it. During the day and under a new moon, they cast at their normal level. During a waning moon, they cast one higher than their level. During a waxing moon, they cast at two higher than their level. During a full moon, they cast at three higher than their level. During an eclipse, they cast at four higher than their level. Snowsages also receive a +4 to saving throws for spells they cast during a full moon.

At 12th level, Snowsages earn the title Palayan after going on a spiritual quest called the Payalani. During a Payalani, the Snowsage isolates himself from society in a remote spot far away from anyone, in the Delugian Mountains. They must stay there and construct no permanent object or habitation, living as a total savage, for an entire year. Regardless of what happens during the year, they will jump to 13th level as soon as it is complete, and they gain a new set of magical powers:

  • Manipulate the appearance of shadows at will
  • Cast Shadow Darts 3xday (this does double damage during a full moon)
  • Shapechange into a ram 3xday
  • Require no sleep and only half as much food as normal
  • Cause Cause Blindness 1xweek
  • Cast Teleport Through Shadow 3xday
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