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Since we all want to participate in big stories, some plot elements may be planned on a site-wide basis well in advance of when they actually occur. For more information on this, see Theonosis:Future.

In Theonosis, time is measured in the same way we measure it on Earth: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. Every real-world month, on the first of the month, one Generation passes on Theonosis. A Generation is equal to fifty years. While we are aware that, in a pre-modern society, few people would live to fifty, this is a useful method of measuring time because it is easily divisible and it represents the furthest likely extreme of age, and therefore, individual memory. This means that if your Deity does something now - say, change the organization of his church so that half-elves are no longer regarded as evil abominations - then at the end of this month/Generation, very few people will still be alive that remembers the way things used to be. Of course, people will still know, because their parents told them. For most such facts, we can assume that after three Generations, there are few, if any, people besides historians who are aware of the old way of doing things. This is very important if, for example, you kill another Deity and want to merge their churches, as many individuals in your former foe's organization might be resistant.

The counting of Generations began with Generation 0, which coincided exactly with the year 10,000 according to a commonly used calendar. The site notice at the top of every page on this website keeps track of the current real-world month, Theonosis Generation and calendar year.

If you are developing a province and want to include an indigenous system for recording or measuring time, that's fine, but remember to keep equivalents in standard terms on hand. Since Theonosis time and real-world time pass at a regular rate, having a particular region where time is measured differently can make things extraordinarily complex. For the same reason, almost all intelligent races in Theonosis live an approximately equal lifespan, so as to make it possible to measure time in Generations. This is very important because Manifestations generally take three or more Generations to complete; widely-varying lifespans would make this difficult to measure.

If a page on a particular province, Deity or any other subject is updated regularly, each month the page should be archived in a subpage. For example, it is currently Generation 1, so at the beginning of Generation 2 (next month), the content at Crikland should be moved to Crikland/1, so that it is permanently available. These updates can be very simple, such as just adding a few sentences to the history section describing the changes in government or other subjects over the previous generation, or they can be drastic. Pages can also be archived in this manner intermittently, but the number of the Generation is always that of the Generation that just ended. These archives represent the work of followers of Lathandrus, a powerful and widespread god of history. Provinces that are archived monthly have many Lathandrines sending updates, and thus the page is updated monthly. Intermittent updates mean that there are few followers of Lathandrus there. Pages that are not actively worked on should be assumed to exist in limbo, their information being assumed up-to-date until they become actively worked on. For example, if I add information to the article on Ollem but do not maintain it, whoever decides to next participate in Ollem should assume that the content I added was only just described, even if it has actually been there for several Generations.

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