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Theonosis Publishing is currently looking for novels, short stories, theatrical scripts and collections of poetry. All work must be set in Theonosis, be explicitly fantasy and must be dual-licensed as Creative Commons and Open Setting Licensed works (at the time of publication). Simultaneous submissions are fine.

Please send a query letter and three sample chapters or a link to published work of similar style and caliber to Theonosis Publishing may or may not offer an advance. We do advertise all of the books we publish, but we are a small, independent publisher and will probably not set up interviews, book signings or other promotional events. We hope to eventually become a more full service publishing outfit, but for now we are providing only editing, formatting, publishing and some advertising.

Here's an idea of what we are looking for:

  1. Books that are strongly tied-in to a subject not related to the genre directly. For example, a hero who is an avid bird-watcher provides ample opportunity for information about birds. A simple niche like this can expand a book's audience. The subject must be integrated into the novel, however, so the bird-watching information is not just window dressing - it should be relevant and interesting both to the story and to bird-watching in general.
  2. Books that retell classic myths, legends and epics from the real world. This could include anything from the story of Moses to the Kalevala, Romeo and Juliet or Huckleberry Finn. Must be public domain, not just in the United States, but everywhere in the world.
  3. Books that translate disparate genres into a fantasy setting. For example, try writing a spy novel or comedy of errors in a fantasy world
  4. Books that can be expanded on. For example, write a novel with two different, competing, mutually contradictory versions of a single chapter, and leave it open so that other authors can write additional versions of that chapter, each one changing the meaning of the rest of the novel. Other collaborative ideas are welcome.
  5. Books should be tightly told, no extraneous plot or meandering. No setting development for the sake of setting development - just give what's important to the reader and move on.
  6. We are interested in pursuing serial novels, possibly publishing regularly in an online magazine.
  7. Theatrical plays must be cheap to produce.


Illustrators may send a portfolio or a link to their portfolio to, as well as an idea of your expected rates. You may be contacted to provide illustrations or book covers.

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