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The Orphan Chronicles is a series of novels set in Crikland. For now, this series is run entirely by Modrobene. He will make all determinations regarding this series.

  • Vol. 1: Solitudes and Silence by Conrad Baines Talbot (not yet published).

To sign up for the next volume in the series, you must create a proposal and email it to User:Modrobene. You must show either a history of finished work of appropriate quality or a rough draft or at least a portfolio of some kind to prove that you have some likelihood of producing results. Your work must meet the following criteria.

  1. It must tell the "coming of age" story of one or more orphans (or apparent orphans) from Crikland. It must take place in large part in Crikland.
  2. One of the principle characters must die, and his/her death must be integral to the success of the hero(es).
  3. There must be a monster. It does not have to die.
  4. If it is a novel, novella or short story, it must be written in the third person limited point of view.
  5. If it is not a novel, novella or short story, discuss it with Modrobene before investing any time into it. Movies, graphic novels and other works may be considered.

These requirements are crafted to allow a broad range of stories while helping to keep them all thematically and organizationally related. Exceptions may be allowed, but probably not. If you want to do something different, consider creating your own series instead.

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