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A Temple is a place that has been imbued with a steady stream of Deific energy from one (or more) Deities. While it is typically a structure (e.g. church) and some surrounding grounds, it can also be a grove of trees, a crypt or throne room, or any other location. It is the location that is imbued with power, not any living creature or object on it. Thus, the structure built on a Temple could be destroyed and replaced with something else, and it would have no impact on the way the powers its creator has imbued in it are expressed.

Since Temples can take any shape or form, they do not have to function as "temples" per se. A Temple could act as a dojo, monastery, throne room, academy or school. It would still be a "Temple" in game terms if a Deity puts energy into it. Conversely, a place could function as a temple even if it does not receive energy from a Deity: it would not be a "Temple" in game terms, and could not have any special powers, but people can certainly worship in it, and it can serve as an organizational unit for a Deity's organization.

Deities can share Temples, with two or more Deities supplying the Deific Energy that powers it. In this case, the Temple assumes the powers given to it by each Deity in respective proportions, so if one Deity provides 70% of the Energy, then that Deity's Zones must power 70% of the Temple's powers.

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