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Theonosis:Rules are not important

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On Theonosis, the rules are not important (RANI). Aside from legal considerations (e.g. copyright) and the basic rules at Theonosis:About, all other rules are subordinate to having fun as part of a collaborative, creative game. Zones are not absolutely delineated, for example. No strict rules govern your interaction with other players. You can make up outlandishly impossible scenarios, describe an entire Setting through ribald stories or use serious characters in a foppish play.

Why? Because we are making a universal fantasy setting, with a limitless array of schools of magic, various races and monsters, and any kind of villain you could dream of. Even if it were practical to come up with rules to govern every eventuality, doing so would result in a tedious and boring game.

Therefore, it is up to you to be mature and interact with the game in a reasonable manner. You must follow the rules in good faith, even if no one is checking. Violations may be dealt with harshly.

As a corollary to this rule, you may come up with new ways of participating in Theonosis, even if it violates existing rules. Please just discuss it at the Pacificum, leaving a pointer at any other relevant spot. New rules or methods of playing may be applied only in a particular section of the world, perhaps Beyond the Boundaries. No reasonable request for a new way to interact with this website will be denied.

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