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A race is a self-perpetuating group of individuals, created using Deific energy. Unlike other Manifestations, creating Races is a one-time act. They are entirely autonomous individual mortals. Races can be minor variants of existing species or entirely new species of organism. An organism must meet all ordinary requirements for life: it must take in energy from an external source and produce waste, and reproduce in some way. Organisms may photosynthesize energy from sunlight like plants, scavenge it like fungi or devour it like animals, or can metabolize energy from other sources, like radiation, magic or heat. Organisms can be created with particular inclinations, but there is always the potential for diversity, and all individuals ultimately have free will. It is impossible to create a race that does not include individuals who are good and evil, stupid and smart, brave and cowardly, etc.

Though a Deity can choose where to create a given race, no matter how much he tries to forcibly keep the race contained, they will spread. It is theorized that, at the moment of creation, a number of individuals are created elsewhere in the world as well, no matter how well a Deity keeps his individual caged, there will be others who live elsewhere.

Races and species that are sufficiently similar may breed together and produce offspring. While, in the real world, animal species are generally very distinct and can not interbreed (with certain exceptions), the organisms of Theonosis are more variable. The presence of magic in the world simply causes more ordinary mutations and greater diversity within species, so each population becomes much more diverse and evolves quicker than in the real world.


A normally-created Race consists of 10,000 individuals. They will be minimally sentient and uncivilized, but will very quickly adapt to their surroundings and evolve to fit in any nearby civilization.

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