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Para-Deities are a type of pseudodeity which draw on Deific energy devoted to a specific place but without enough energy to qualify as Demigods (i.e. no more than 1 point total). While important mountains, rivers and other natural landmarks generally create enough energy to power a Demigod or full Deity, it is the more minor aspects of the natural world that create Para-Deities.

Para-Deities can appear in any shape or form, but there are some common archetypes that recur. These recur only because they have a cultural basis - because a local population believes that small rivers are home to shy women who represent that river, small rivers tend to create Para-Deities that take that shape. Para-Deities can, however, take any form that embodies the popular perceptions of the natural feature the Para-Deity will represent.

  • Hamadryads are beautiful elven women who live inside a particular tree, and are found only in areas in which elves have a significant local presence. By and large, the only trees that create enough Deific energy to create a hamadryad are particularly imposing or awe-inspiring specimens in high-trafficked areas, such as in the center of town or on paths or trade routes. Hamadryads are generally peaceful, and are known to seduce passersby on a regular basis.
  • Kappas are green-skinned humanoids with a turtle-like face but no shell, and are associated with a particular pond, pool or river. They are mischievious, and often outright violent.
  • Mountain lords are associated with a particular mountain, and generally present themselves as well-muscled males of the dominant local sentient race, usually with a barbaric mien. They are dedicated to protecting their mountain from dangers, real or imagined, and are often known to exaggerate their powers (e.g. telling interlopers that they will be struck dead, despite the mountain lord having no such abilities).
  • Negnatters are associated with a desert, and generally appear as old men who wander the sands alone, seeking vengeance on the bandits who prey on travelers and residents.
  • River nymphs are common, and are associated with a particular river, stream or creek. They usually appear as females of whatever the dominant local sentient race is, and are generally shy and reclusive. Locals are generally aware of their existence, but do not interact with them much, if at all.
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