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Modroben is the only Deity in Theonosis who is essentially universal. He will remain universal because he is also the owner and administrator of this website, and he handles a few Zones that could be disruptive if left open to any contributor, namely Fate, Destiny, Time and Death. These are the most important Limited Zones. You could look at him and his priests as admins of the world, making sure the basic fabric of reality works well. If you want to make an area in which aspects of time, for example, work differently, that's perfectly fine, since Modroben can set the rules differently for different places. The standard Modrobenian church as it exists in most of the world is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible - the church is typically represented by a small number of Soulclaine priests who interfere very little in others affairs.

Modroben does not permit any other Deity to share in these four Zones, though naturally it happens from time to time, and Modroben's plans are long-reaching enough he does not always immediately eliminate rivals.This means you may not make a Deity that uses these four Zones for any permanent or widespread use, though you are free to make one for a limited duration (such as to serve as a plot point in a novel) or for a limited area (generally no more than a single Region). In the long run, Modroben will not allow rivals, but for gods, the "long run" can be plenty long enough for you to write any number of novels or do whatever else you are interested in doing. You can also create a different god and say that it is an Avatar or Demigod of Modroben himself - this can be a little-known or even hidden fact.

Aside from the critical four Zones, Modroben is a god of several organisms, professions and ideas, such as Vultures, Grave-Diggers and Redemption. You are free to make a different god with these Zones; Modroben will not interfere. However, Modroben must be worshiped as the god of the four critical Zones in every Province, so if you make a god of vultures, Modroben will use a different animal as his primary symbol. He has a number of animals already designated as back-up animals; see Category:Avatars of Modroben, almost all of which associate with a particular animal. You are free to modify the Modrobenian Church as you like in your own Provinces, as long as you abide by the general spirit of the character. User:Modrobene will not interfere, so you can make his church an integral part of your Province.

From User:Modrobene: At the moment, there is only one person behind User:Modrobene. However, I don't consider that to really be my character in any real sense. Modrobene is a part of the setting, to serve as a plot point, GM's tool, etc, as needed. The user account is also necessary to administer the website. If this project succeeds, I will create a nonprofit to administer the website, and turn over the user account to that nonprofit. I changed the spelling of character to get rid of the final e because... well, that seemed like a good idea, and it has the benefit of distinguishing my user account from the character. So even if I (User:Modrobene) have de facto control over the fictional character Modroben, we are not the same, and you too can control Modroben. Modrobene 22:00, 8 August 2010 (UTC)
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