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A Manifestation is anything imbued with a steady source of Deific Energy. Manifestations can be a location, object, person, period of time or almost anything else. Manifestations are the primary means by which a Deity interacts with the world to effect long-term goals.

By default, Manifestations have few powers aside from an awe-inspiring sense of grandeur; Deities can, however, imbue additional energy into Manifestations to add more powers. Further modifications can increase a Manifestation's size or duration, or add beneficial qualities to the Manifestation, or empower the abilities the Manifestation possesses. Manifestations can also be enhanced by the addition of Products, which are an item or action that would not ordinarily be creatable for a normal instance of a Manifestation. Also by default, creating a Manifestation takes three generations, though this can sped up with a greater total cost; cancelling a Manifestation similarly takes three generations, though can be sped up at a cost of some power which is deferred beyond the normal three generation cost.

With one exception (races), since Manifestations are a direct implementation of a Deity's power, destroying a Manifestation diminishes the totality of the Deity's power. In contrast, races are a one-time investment of Deific energy, resulting in the creation of a creature that is self-perpetuating on a long-term basis. A race could thusly be considered a true "Manifestation" only at the moment of the Race's creation, as it is thereafter a permanent and autonomous feature of Theonosis.

Normal Manifestations

  • Avatars are direct embodiments of a Deity in the world of Theonosis.
  • Temples are locations imbued with some of the power of a Deity.
  • Artifacts are objects imbued with some of the power of a Deity.
  • Champions are mortal individuals imbued with some of the power of a Deity.
  • Holidays are a duration of time imbued with some of the power of a Deity.
  • Classes are occupations for mortals that give them powers fueled by the energy of a Deity.

Special Manifestations

  • Races are a species or subspecies of organism created using some of the power of a Deity.
  • Symbols are a title, symbol or gesture (a la Dr.) imbued with some of the power of a Deity.
  • Products are a type of object created using a different Manifestation.
  • Spells are magical incantations or effects that mortals can use.
  • Curses are magical effects that are applied to a person, object or location.

Manifestations do not have to take their most apparent form. For example, a Temple does not have to look, act or function as a temple. For more information, see Theonosis:When is a Deity not a god?.

How do I create a Manifestation?

Your Deity creates Manifestations by shaping Deific Energy. You need only describe your new Manifestation on whichever pages it is relevant to. As long as it is otherwise in line with policy and is appropriate for the time and location you have placed it in, your Manifestation is officially then a part of Theonosis.

Deific Abominations

Main page: Theonosis:Deific Abomination

Deities shape their Deific Energy into Manifestations using a score called Divine Manifestation (see Theonosis:Deity for more). There is always a chance the Deity will fail, resulting in a Deific Abomination, a type of Pseudodeity that is the opposite of what the Deity intended, and is a semi-intelligent, usually monstrous creature.

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