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Theonosis:Limited Zones

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Generally speaking, you may create a Deity who has any Zone. There are a few exceptions, all of which fall into two categories.

  1. The Modrobenian Zones are those held closely by Modrobene, who is the most powerful god in the world, and also the site admin of this wiki. These Zones are Fate, Death, Destiny and Time. You are limited in these Zones because it is easy to make a Deity who has control over these areas and uses this control to make Theonosis less fun for others.
  2. The risque and scatological Zones are those that concern subjects that are risque, scatological or otherwise potentially controversial. These include Urine and Vaginas, among others. It is unlikely that many people would want to play these Zones, but the rules don't inherently disallow it. However, a stupid and obnoxious person could declare himself the god of urine, and then try to abuse the rules to annoy other players, such as by trying to insert his god in other people's work when they don't want it. Note that ordinary sex-related Zones, most importantly Sex and Lust, do not fit in this category.

For both of these types of Zones, you may play using them. However, you will be closely watched and may be barred from further participation if you - to be frank - act like a jerk. There are certainly plenty of reasons to use these Zones, especially in Derived Works, and you are encouraged to do so on your own. On this website, however, you are limited in your use of these Zones.

For the Modrobenian Zones, you will not generally be allowed to use them outside a particular Region. Deities not controlled by humans may exist, and you may add content related to them as you normally can - Modrobene, however, has billions of followers, and plenty of Deific Energy to ensure that no such rival to his control grows beyond a Region. In this way, you could create an evil, villainous god of death for your character(s) to struggle against, but this god can not and will not be allowed to succeed in growing beyond a particular Region.

The risque and scatological Zones are simply ignored. While it is true that subjects like "urine" are an important enough part of life that they must be a part of any pantheon, you should simply ignore the subject. If others wish to be more detailed in these areas, this will have to be discussed, but since there is little practical appeal, we will simply ignore them for now.

Theonosis is willing to accept adult subjects as a general rule, but they must be marked. If a significant body of people wish to contribute erotica or other adult content, we may create a continent for just that purpose. Please discuss this at the Pacificum if you wish to move forward on it.

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