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A Champion is a mortal creature imbued with some of the energy of a Deity. They are often called Heroes or Villains. Though Champions are generally a human or other sentient creature, a Deity can easily imbue power into a plant, animal or even an inanimate object, in which case the object or organism becomes a mortal individual in the same way as any other mortal (e.g. has free will, etc.).

At no cost, you can make a Recurring Champion, which simply means that you create a Champion as needed (most often every Generation). Such a Champion could be the high priest of a given temple, for example. You can ensure that your Champion is replaced seamlessly, such that every Generation a new one is available with whatever set of normal characteristics you desire (e.g. you might wish to always have a beautiful, intelligent, left-handed female dwarf serve as a high priestess for a particular temple). If a Recurring Champion is killed out of sync with your planned schedule, you will have to wait for a new one to be born or grow adult based on how you originally set up the Recurring Champion, or create a new Champion, paying the appropriate cost.

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