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If you're not interested in a fantasy setting, but you still want to use the Open Setting License, you may be interested in Third Fleet (science fiction) or FreeVerse (modern and historical). For future developments in Theonosis, see Theonosis:Future.
The world of Theonosis

The world of Theonosis is five times the size of planet Earth. It is divided into two hemispheres, east and west. However, the line that separates them is a magical boundary. If somebody enters it at the right place and under the right circumstances, that person may be transported to any given other hemisphere. For example, if we designate each universe with a letter, and the one this wiki is about is A, we can say that a ship sailing across the sea will come to a magical border that they simply can not pass without powerful magic. If they do pass, they will cross into universe B (the Planes, see below). So, Hemispheres A and B are the two hemispheres of a planet. But if a group of people would like to run a version of this website in Finnish or Japanese, we can make a new wiki for them, and designate a section of the boundary as bordering that new hemisphere. That would mean that a ship or individual teleporting across the boundary there would take them to Hemisphere C, which is the same as this website, but in Finnish or Japanese. Other hemispheres could be created for kid-friendly material, for example, or with steam engine technology. Additionally, hemispheres can be created for a specific tabletop miniature war game, role-playing game, LARP, video game or even a board game, as long as there is a specific reason an entire hemisphere is needed.

New hemispheres may be hosted on this website or elsewhere. Feel free to discuss proposals or add new ones to this page.


List of hemispheres

1: This wiki,, is hemisphere 1. It is English-speaking, though there may be bilingual areas.

Proposal: Hemisphere 2: Planes

Denizens of Theonosis think they can teleport to elemental planes of existence, where an element (fire, earth, air, water, wood, light, shadow) dominates, as opposed to Theonosis, where all those elements are in balance. In actuality, however, those "planes of existence" are not different planes at all. The planes of air, fire, earth, water and wood are part of a single continent. This continent consists of a huge tree, large enough for cities inside the trunk and even more civilizations in the branches (plane of wood), surrounded by clouds with civilizations built into them (plane of air), and a large range of mountains (plane of earth). At the outer edge of the mountains, volcanoes ring the entire region (plane of fire) and around them lays a vast ocean (plane of water).

I would suggest making this a multilingual wiki.

Proposal: Moon

The moon that can be seen throughout Theonosis has both a light (plane of light) and dark (plane of shadow) side. These are home to archetypal angel and demon-like creatures representing good and evil.

I would suggest this be part of the elemental planes wiki, and also multilingual.

New proposal

  • List them here or make a new section.
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