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Alternate names: None
Zones: Blacksmithing, Invention, Nobility, Justice, Valor
Ability Scores
Cultural Manipulation: 10
Prophecy Fulfillment: 5
Deific Perception: 5
Divine Manifestation: 10
Economic Efficiency: 10
Military Effectiveness: 30
Mortal Comprehension: 20
Political Persuasion: 20

Teàrlach is a Deity in the Highlands region of Baxtos. He is worshiped equally by Humans, Hill-Dwelling Dwarves and Gnomes. He is a god of Nobility, Blacksmithing and Invention. His avatar is a heavily armored human male.



Temple of The Order of the Armored Hand

The Temple of The Order of the Armored Hand is the home of the Holy Warriors of Teàrlach. A noble order of Paladins that ward the Highlands from over-land incursions to the east and sea-faring raiders to the west. The Order of the Armored Hand holds influence over the local political spheres. The temple is also home to two expatriated clans of Mt. Erratermorn Gnomes and Mt. Yiggmir Dwarves who work together to create inventions that aid the Order in it's execution of it's sacred duties.

The Noble Fists of Teàrlach

The The Noble Fists of Teàrlach grant the bearer the ability to enhance their charisma 5 rounds a day. While in effect the bearer eminates an air of nobility that commands the obedence of those around them. In addition, the The Noble Fists of Teàrlach have the ability to strike a blow for justice by dropping a spectral gavel to smite the unjust. This can be done three times a day.



  • Cultural:
    • The local population comes to the Temple to seek arbitration.
  • Economic:
    • The Dwarves and Gnomes trade/sell their inventions at the seaports.
  • Military:
  • Political:
    • The Order are spiritual advisers to the local rulers.


Teàrlach in Baxtos
Zones Local Manifestations
Blacksmithing: .50 Temple of the Order of the Armored Hand
Invention: .40
Nobility: .40
Justice: .50
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Cultural: Arbitrators at the temple (10) Economic: Dwarven and gnomish traders (10)
Military: Paladins of The Order of the Armored Hand (25) Political: Spiritual advisors (15)
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