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Note: The neutrality of this article is disputed.

Tanillia is a goddess in the Deepdark. She is the aunt of Argon, Chamballa and Firgraun, making her an essential and irreplaceable part of the Divinatrix. She has long been a part of the pantheon, and she is worshiped throughout the Setting. She is the goddess of hatred, spite, vindictiveness and widows, as well as the patron of both merolvids and terrolvids. She has two primary Avatars, one a large, fiercesome terrolvid that can swim faster than sound, and the other an elder, harsh-voiced rainid woman, sometimes called Mother Tanillia. Her status is not disputed. Nobody denies that she has long been a part of the Deepdark pantheon, and that she is one of its central powers.

The most feared followers of Mother Tanillia are a tribe of terrolvid warriors called the Shebbenzåm. Nearly feral and bestial, they live in packs with wild merolvids, and live only to slaughter. They attack villages and even large cities or trade caravans, and are totally merciless. Not a hereditary tribe, Shebbenzåm are formed from mostly male outcasts of other terrolvid tribes.

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