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Solitudes and Silence

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Cover by Jeremy Thevonot

Solitudes and Silence is a novel by Conrad Baines Talbot. The first published work on Theonosis, Solitudes and Silence is also the world's first Open Setting novel (it is also Creative Commons licensed). It is the story of Waimbrill of Crikland, a soulcleaver, a beloved outcast, respected yet feared among his countrymen. He grows distant and eccentric as he cleaves the dead and gains their angst and pain. Trying to do good despite the neutrality of his church, Waimbrill cares for a quiet young orphan while a monster terrorizes the land. The giant flying beast swallows her victims whole, leaving their vulnerable souls uncleaved. To stop her and save them, Waimbrill and his ward, Terredor, must travel into deep waters, where dangerous beasts dwell amid shadowy evil and a cult hellbent on dominating the world.

Mortiss Waimbrill's profession as a soulcleaver leads to him taking on the emotional pain and trauma of the people around him, lightening their grief and regret surrounding the deaths of their loved ones. He handles these feelings with intense training learned from his church, and it is here that Solitudes and Silence translates real-world modern psychological concepts in the novel's fantasy setting. The Modrobenian Church teaches Waimbrill about the use of meditation, visualization, association and classical conditioning, sensory deprivation, nutrition and sleep hygiene, the K├╝bler-Ross model of grief, Maslow's hierarchy of needs and elements of cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Open Setting License applies to elements of a fictional setting, such as characters and placenames, and it allows others to reuse that setting in their own work. It is an open content license that, in almost all cases, only applies to fictional settings, not works that use them. For more information, see Theonosis:FAQ or leave a message for User:Modrobene.

The sequel to Solitudes and Silence is Agape and Aghast.

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