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Quendary is a Deity in Ashwentorrel. He is a god of Assassination, Bandits, Bats, Guilt, Murder, Regret, Thievery and Thieves.


  • The Banditeers are a class of unapologetic bandits who demand tribute from travelers along a stretch of road. They claim to offer protection in exchange for the tribute, but the actual amount of protection offered varies widely among Banditeers.
  • The Chiropean Thieves are a class of thieves who can shapechange into bats. They are very stealthy, and gain an innate sense of sonar and eventually wings as they grow in power.
  • Gredallions are a class consisting of ordinary people who have become obsessed with their own sense of guilt or regret for some past action that they can not now atone for. They travel Ashwentorrel repenting for their sin.
  • The Order of the Skilled Hand is a tightly-organized group of thieves who are well-known for stealing from the rich and elite to give to the poor and starving. They operate out of thieves guilds, but do not consider themselves thieves.
  • The Sadistri are former priests from other classes who have lost any semblance of morality. They torture and kill for pleasure, and are enormously powerful, though they are also so obsessed with their need for murder that they do not plan and are killed by other relatively quickly. Thus, the class has no organization whatsoever, and no real connection at all between members, most of whom do not live more than five years after joining.
  • The Reggrossins are a loose network of assassin-priests, known for their outward displays of regret and grief after committing murder. They usually send gifts to the family of the people they kill, and often publically flog themselves as punishment for their own crimes.
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