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Olaarten is a Deity in Ashwentorrel. He is a god of Beggars, Begging, Orphans, Pigeons, The Poor, Poverty, Rats and Slums. Widespread throughout the Setting, he is at his most potent in urban areas, where his devoted followers, the slum-dwelling poor, sometimes constitute three quarters or more of the entire population, which more than makes up for his only sporadic and vague worship in more rural areas.

While Olaarten dominates life in the slums of Ashwentorrel's major cities, Pelatosin and Quendary are close rivals who also have stronger powerbases outside of the cities.

Beggar's Guild

The Beggar's Guild of Ashwentorrel is the single largest guild in the entire Setting, with hundreds of thousands of nominal members and at least a few thousand active Hancaraasi, an elite unit of warriors and assassins who protect slum-dwellers from those who would prey on them. The Beggar's Guild consists of a very loose structure with a few leaders - known as Beggar-Lords - in each city. These Beggar-Lords rule over a particular slum and demand daily tribute of a small portion of the proceeds from each slum-dweller. In exchange for this, Beggar-Lords provide protection via the Hancaraasi as well as food, usually obtained by the Beggar-Lord in exchange for sending the city's beggars to the streets away from a particular shop or restaurant and towards one of its rivals.


The Hancaraasi are a group of elite warriors who can shapechange into a flock of pigeons. They are assassins who watch over and protect the poor and indigent people of Ashwentorrel's cities.

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