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Ode to the Merolvid

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Ode to the Merolvid

The poet Eustarches traveled to the Deepdark once, in search of artistic inspiration. There, he fell in love with an elegant olmian lass, Gerrashwan, whose father forbade their passion. The pair eloped, but Gerrashwan was injured and then killed by a pack of merolvids, and Eustarches was himself hobbled by them. When he returned to the surface, he tore out his own eyes, in order to remind himself of the darkness he saw when he fell in love with her. His famous poem "Ode to the Merolvid" is well-studied as an example of Crekkish land-verse, though few of the bored young students who read this poem have any notion of what a merolvid is.

Dark is ink and lush
Brings depth, love, she flees and flings
Swims, hurt, tender-swell
They circle and gnash
Double teeth stained like her skin[1]
Only I did see
Him whose bite was last
Whose snide sneer and smirking snout
Remains remembered
Exulting, he dined
Her flesh was sweet, this I knew
As did that pale snout
Be I eaten up
Would be as fair reunion
Old loves flare like new

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