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Alternate names: None
Zones: Battle, Bears, Childbirth, Destruction, River Ennisha, Women, Maidens
Ability Scores
Cultural Manipulation: 22
Prophecy Fulfillment: 20
Deific Perception: 9
Divine Manifestation: 9
Economic Efficiency: 1
Military Effectiveness: 20
Mortal Comprehension: 10
Political Persuasion: 9

Nika is a goddess in Mandastrin in Wenderland. She is considered the mother goddess of her followers. She has domain over bears, childbirth/fertility, destruction and women/female. The curved, crescent-moon shaped blade the bank is common among her priests.

Origin Myth

The first stories of Nika revolve around the appearance of a powerful female warrior who manifested on the killing fields of the Great War of the Gods, during the First Era, in the fertile Emishan River Valley. The tale in Emisha celebrates the manifestation of a great female warrior who was evoked through the despair of the Emishans, as they watched their homes, land and surrounding life destroyed under the feet of warring deities.

Nika sprang to life fully formed from The River Emisha. She is the true manifestation of her followers with no lineage to any Ashwentorrel Gods. Nika stormed through the warring landscape, slaughtering the gods who brought fear, woe and petulance to Emisha, spilling their blood over the countryside; their carcass' quickly transforming Emisha into the fertile river valley it is today. (This is the origin of of the destruction aspect of this Ashwentorrel goddess.) Nika's rampage continued across the land, even after she had slain all the warring gods, bringing fear into all witnesses that her destruction would never cease when Nika happened upon a Giant Female Bear struggling with the chaos around her to find a safe haven to birth her cubs. Nika's rampage ended when she saw the frightened and fearful pleading in the eyes of the mother bear. The blood-lust faded from Nika's eyes and was replaced with compassion and love for this creature. Nika knelt at the side of the Mother Bear acting as midwife through the birth of her cubs. (This is the origin of Nika's strong association with Bears, Childbirth/Midwifery and Women.)

Nika's consort is most often Kamatora the god of Fire, Hurricanes, Disasters. The close association of Destruction with the realms of Ulthrin's control are undoubtedly the origins of this pairing. The Razor-Maw are a nomadic clan of fervent worshippers of Nika in her Destroyer form. When they enter regions they strike fear into the residents of those communities, very seldom any are left alive.

Ability Scores (You have 100 points to distribute amongst these)
  • Cultural Manipulation:22
  • Prophecy Fulfillment:20
  • Deific Perception:9
  • Divine Manifestation:9
  • Economic Efficiency:1
  • Military Effectiveness:20
  • Mortal Comprehension:10
  • Political Persuasion:9


  • Cultural:
    • Great Bear Midwives guild, members are worshipers of Nika and donate portions of all gifts for their services to the goddess, her temples or clerics.
    • Captains of Nika Sailor's guild, members are fervent worshipers of Nika.
  • Economic:
    • Traders and farmers along the The River Emisha are fervent in their worship of Nika.
  • Military:
    • The Clan of Emisha Female Warrior Clan. Individuals and Groups available for fighting in the Region.
  • Political:
    • No political ties
Nika in [[Emishan River Valley]]
Zones Local Manifestations
River Ennisha:
Maidens: 75
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Cultural: Great Bear Midwives Guild (10)

Captains of Nika Sailor's Guild (10)

Economic: Traders (10)
Military: The Clan of Emisha (90) Political: None
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