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Welcome to Theonosis!

Projects About Theonosis
Collabor: A role-playing game in which you can play a Deity
Library of Lathandrus: Describe the people, places, races, languages or other elements of Theonosis
Authorship: Write a novel, short story or poem set in Theonosis
Project proposals: Work on tabletop role-playing, video games, board or card games, or other purposes for Theonosis

Theonosis is a collaborative storytelling, world-building and role-playing game. It is massively multiplayer, and allows anybody to play as large a role as they like in the creation of a fictional universe. You can play a Deity in a role-playing game called Collabor, use the setting for your own novels or other works or help expand and define the largest and most diverse fictional setting ever created. You can also create your own game, whether it's tabletop or live-action role-playing, console or computer video games, miniature wargaming, board or card games, or anything else you can think of. The parameters of the setting are designed so that literally any kind of fantasy-based story can be set there - you can destroy or take over the world, you can create outlandish kingdoms or mundane villages, and any kind of hero or villain you like. The more interesting and compelling your content, the more likely others are to use it in their own works.

This website is dual-licensed under the Creative Commons and Open Setting Licenses. The Creative Commons allows you to use the content here in any way you wish so long as you give credit and allow others to use your content in the same way. The Open Setting License is similar, but it does not apply to the entirety of most works; it requires that you allow others to use setting elements like characters and placenames. This means you can use Open Settings without releasing your entire work under a free license. For more information, see Theonosis:Authorship.

To choose a part of the world to work in, see Theonosis:Geography. To learn more about why you should contribute to Theonosis, see Theonosis:Why? For more information on the project, see Theonosis:About. For more information on the copyrights of this website, see Theonosis:Copyrights. Theonosis is specifically designated a fantasy setting. For other proposed Open Setting projects, see FreeVerse.

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