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List of Settings

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This is a list of settings. At right there is a map of the world as I originally drew it. I am not particularly wedded to that map, and I hope that somebody with more graphic design skills than I can make it more user-friendly, and divide into 100 or more Settings (remember that some of which may be underground, underwater, on and in colossal trees or other unusual settings). We want it to be easily modifiable so people can make maps for specific purposes.

Please see Theonosis:Geography for more. If you want to start work on a new Setting now, feel free, but know that we can't guarantee that nothing will change for your Setting's geography as we settle on a better way to do this.

The world of Theonosis
  1. Terrwin
  2. Delugian Mountains
  3. Deepdark
  4. Ashwentorrel
  5. Aracatel
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