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Alternate names: Quyn(as luck god)
Zones: Luck, Music, Water, Whales
Ability Scores
Cultural Manipulation: 10
Prophecy Fulfillment: 5
Deific Perception: 10
Divine Manifestation: 20
Economic Efficiency: 10
Military Effectiveness: 10
Mortal Comprehension: 30
Political Persuasion: 15

Linquyn is a Deity in the Torrellian Islands. He is worshiped principally by the Inditorrellians of the Outer Torrellian Archipelago, and to a lesser extent, by them and the Ashwennians, of the Inner Torrellian Archipelago. He is a god of water, music, luck, whales. His Avatar is a young male Yunty.



The Siren's Call

The Siren's Call is an all-Yunty pirate ship. The ship itself is an Artifact. It can regenerate quite rapidly, making it indestructible from normal weapons and weather, and nearly impervious to magic as well. Its interior is an extra-dimensional space with huge sleeping quarters, an elegant dining space, musical performance areas and a large hold. Two underwater ships that look like whales are attached to the bottom of the ship; one whale is meant for two but can be operated with one and can hold a maximum of five, with the other being capable of holding 30-50 at the most, requiring five people to fully operate it.


  • Oogle the wizard
  • Saim female centaur paladin
  • Barc male dwarven wizard
  • Waylon werewhale water elementalist
  • Yin - Water Elemental wizard
  • KooKoo - Yunti Bard
  • Harper - Female Pirate Fighter
  • Dorn - Male Dwarf Psionisist
  • Gavin - Male Harthgnome Thief


  • Cultural:
    • The Dequyn are nomadic, music-loving entertainers and vagabonds.
  • Economic:
    • The whalers who live in the Outer Torellian Islands are fervent in their worship of Linquyn.
  • Military:
    • The Siren's Call is a pirate ship and an Artifact of Linquyn.
  • Political:
    • The Flautists Guild is closely devoted to Linquyn, and is essential for chieftains throughout the Islands.

Outer Torrellian Archipelago

Linquyn in Outer Torrellian Archipelago
Zones Local Manifestations
Luck: .30 Siren's Call
Music: .50
Water: .60
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Cultural: The Dequyn (10) Economic: Whalers (10)
Military: The Siren's Call (10) Political: The Flautists Guild (15)
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