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Alternate names: None
Zones: Battle, Honor, Storms
Ability Scores
Cultural Manipulation: 10
Prophecy Fulfillment: 0
Deific Perception: 5
Divine Manifestation: 20
Economic Efficiency: 5
Military Effectiveness: 35
Mortal Comprehension: 5
Political Persuasion: 20

Kamatöra is a Deity in Wenderland. He is worshiped principally by Dwarven and Human soldiers, nobles, and shaman in the Mt. Yaergrin province, as well as some of the warrior shaman of the Southern Plains povince. He is a god of battle, honor and storms. His Avatar takes the form of a one-eyed, grizzled Dwarven warrior.



The Temple of the Heart of Storm

The Temple of the Heart of Storm is a large temple devoted to the worship of Kamatöra, located on the Southern face near the summit of Mt. Yaergrin. Within the Naos, any oath given is divinely binding. The severity of the penalties for breaking these oaths are proportional to the importance of the oath given. Penalties can range from bad luck, to loss of status, or even death.


  • Cultural:
    • The Faltarri are roving, storm shaman. They roam the lands summoning storms for crop irrigation, as well as mitigating storm damage to nomad encampments, and battling the deprecations of Ulthrin
  • Economic:
  • Military:
    • The Order of the Shining Blade are an order of Paladins dedicated to upholding the local chivalric codes, as well as the glory and honor of battle.
    • The Champions of Kamatöra are a clerical order of battle priests dedicated to battlefield support and healing.
  • Political:
    • Nudge nudge, wink wink.


Kamatöra in Wenderland
Zones Local Manifestations
Battle: .40 Temple of the Heart of Storm
Honor: .30
Storms: .60
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Cultural: Roving storm-shaman (10) Economic:
Military: Paladins of the Order of the Shining Blade (35), Battle-priests of the Champions of Kamatöra (35) Political:
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