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Hydrastine is a Deity in Ashwentorrel. He is a god of Tides, Waves, Ocean, Fish, Dolphins, Undertows, Water, Bass. Hydrastine is the most primal and elemental of the water gods in the Ashwentorrellian pantheon. He does not appear frequently in folklore but his worship is almost universal, despite his aloof demeanor. He is a god of fish, making him very important among coastal communities who rely on fish for food; he is especially associated with the sea bass, one of the more common species in the Ashwennian seas.


  • Delphinids are a class of dolphin-riding paladins. At higher levels, they can fuse (and unfuse) with their mount at will, becoming a sort of dolphin-person centaur.
  • Waterweavers are a class of elite monks who can manipulate water with their hands.
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