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Alternate names: Apart from his Avatars, no alternate name for Ezreich is in common usage.
Symbol: A flame contained in an equilateral triangle that's point faces down.
Zones: Fire - Water - Weather - Architecture (Lost) - Engineering (Lost) - Fertility - Life - Death - Entropy - Emergence - Cleverness - Wit - Strategy - Oration - Sirithia
The Watcher - The Architect - The Weeper
Ezreich's dogma reflects a medley of the personal philosophies of the once mortal Sirithian Founders, mainly dealing with embracing change not only as a vital part of life, but part of the Self as well.
  • Fortune favors the bold, yet success favors the clever.
  • The smallest act can bring forth the greatest change.
  • The world is dynamic, so should you be.
  • Grieve not for what was, for no thing is truly lost, only transformed.
  • The search for Self can never end, for the Self is ever changing.
  • The highest compliment is Art.
  • The greatest drive, to build.
Founders' Shrine
Midsummer Fire Festival - Founding - Sowing the Ashes - Sirithian Games
None surviving.
None surviving.
Heroes, Recurring
None surviving.

They tried to kill me. Memory is...sluggish. Has it really been so long? Treachery. Men I had counted among my closest friends held open our gates as the coalition armies poured in. My city burning, my siblings dead, my plans undone, yet not enough. A single sword of orichalcium, the blow was struck, why am I still here? I am still here. No trace of the Temple remains, but a fire burns in the Founder's Shrine. The faithful still live. I still live.

Ezreich is a deity with a...troubled history. He was once a human man; an ambitious and powerful wizard, a brilliant strategist, and skilled orator. His family was thought to have been blessed, for his brother was a gifted engineer, and his sister could coax a farm into producing twice what its previous owner could ever have managed. History has corrected that opinion.

((Work in Progress))

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