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Crikburg is the largest city in the Province of Crikland in the Northern Kingdoms. With a population of about 200,000, it is almost entirely human, and does a brisk trade in fish and other goods. It is located on the shores of Lake Crikmere.


The Mayor of Crikburg is a ten-year position with nearly dictatorial powers over the city. He is elected by the Council of Ten, which is made up of various important officials from the town and surroundings.

  • The Chamber of Merchants, which represents the business and traders of Crikland.
  • The Church of Malvorin
  • The Church of Marachi
  • The Church of Modrobene
  • The Church of Poline
  • The Church of Sellas
  • The Delvers
  • The Ladies Council, which theoretically represents all the women of Crikland, but is largely a social club for the well-off women of Crikburg.
  • The "Rainid King" position was added when the Mayor expanded the Council to include the Churches of Malvorin and Modrobene. The Rainid King is intended to represent both the Snow and Pond Rainids of Crikland. In actuality, the position is generally vacant, making it impossible for the Council to gain the unanimous agreement necessary to overrule the Mayor.
  • The Ladies of the Rivers (referring to the six river nymphs of Crikland) are collectively represented by one of their number, almost always Oggelliss.


There is a wide wall around the city proper, but a large of amount of habitation has spilled out around it, especially along the coast.

  • Delverton lies along the eastern coast of Lake Crikmere, and extends outward away from the city walls. It is sometimes considered a separate town, and there have even been several "Mayors of Delverton" with varying degrees of success. Delverton is home to Delvers, the shifty clan of thieves and liars who live there above the water on stilted homes, connected by narrow planks. Outsider rarely venture into Delverton, and those that do are almost always robbed or even murdered.
  • The Temple of the Ten Thousand is a major feature of Crikburg. It is a Temple to Poline, a local goddess associated with the lake and fishermen. The Temple also operates a large open-air fish market, which is a sizable part of Crikburg's economy.
  • The Market: Located in downtown Crikburg and adjacent to the Temple of the Ten Thousand, the Market is the central trading area for the tonw.
  • Southtown: A huge conglomeration of small tenement buildings, wherein most of Crikburg's respectable population lives.
  • The Corner: A small slum, known as even more violent place than Delverton, the inhabitants being a range of human, orc and other monstrous races


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