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Clamara is a Deity in a Ashwentorrel. She is a goddess of Clothing, Beauty, Dance, Grace, Seamstresses and Tailors. Her priests are mostly women of the upper classes in urban areas, especially in Kimpall and New Grethlin and Baxtos. She is the wife of Brolstin, and the two share the Zone of Tailors. Women, especially young and single women, revere her throughout Ashwentorrel.


Fabricians are a class of female warriors and assassins devoted to Clamara. They are all seamstresses who are recruited after several years of service to her church. They use sewing needles as their primary weapon, but are perhaps best-known for summoning a cloud of fabrics, ribbons and needles that can envelop and hinder enemies.

The Academy of Barellia is a renowned finishing school for young women from throughout Ashwentorrel. The daughters of human, and sometimes elven, nobility come to the Academy to learn etiquette, grace and a few other subjects, with a particular specialty in dance, a required subject for all students.

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