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Chamballa is a goddess worshiped in Crikland as the patron of the Dellakwin monsters, storms, destruction, thunder, lightning, cruelty and ravens. Though seen as a goddess of unfortunate events, Chamballa is not viewed as an outright evil goddess. Most of the people of Crikland see her more as a flighty, inconsistent protector, without whom the land would be under more constant assault. She is, however, perceived as a dangerous goddess, and her temples and priests are generally avoided by common people.

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Dastrüsse is a Chamballine temple on an island on Lake Crikmere, just large enough for three permanent inhabitants, who are traditionally the highest priests of Chamballa in Crikland, and are traditionally made up of one human from Crikburg, one Delver and one Eldathyn. From Dastrüsse, they direct the church and protect the region from the Dellakwin.

The Thundrall are an important class within the Church of Chamballa. Sorcerous magic-users, the Thundrall specialize in controlling both thunder and lightning, which they can combine to great effect by blinding and deafening people to incapacitate them. The Thundrall are always women, as are most priests of Chamballa, and are generally chosen for their skills as a wizard. Thundrall receive a +4 to any applicable rolls, including saving throws and damage, for spells involving the weather. This increase by an additional +4 every 5 levels.


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