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Alternate names: Brolston
Symbol: Jagged circle with an overlaid triangle on the right side
Zones: Belts, Blue Jays, Business, Cobblers, Haberdashers, Hats, Husbands, Insanity, Mice, Leather, Shoes, Tailors, Tanners
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Brolstin is a Deity in Ashwentorrel. He is principally a god of cobblers, tailors, mice and tanners. His Avatar is that of an ordinary-looking human man of about thirty years of age, with dusky skin and dark brown hair. His eyes are penetrating brown, and flicker with wild-eyed, barely-restrained energy; a feeling of energetic chaos and eccentricity exudes from him. He is unpredictable but has a reputation for being good, albeit with a penchant for accidentally harming anybody he's trying to help. He is especially known for assisting husbands and fathers who are professional craftsmen.


Transient Artifacts

  • The Armor of Jashir is a suit of leather armor made from the tanned hides of hundreds of mice. It is very flexible as well as strong, totally impervious to ordinary weapons. It also grants the wearer great agility and dexterity, allowing him to fit through extremely small spaces, and gives the wearer a major bonus to sneaking and hiding.
  • The Haberdasharium is a nondescript hat that, once it is placed on the head, metamorphoses every hour into a new shape of hat, often outlandish and impractical. Each hat is associated with a major bonus to a skill as well as an extreme personality flaw or trait. Particularly wise or willful mortals may be able to force the hat to change into a particular shape at will.
  • The Needle-Spear of Fedellain is a spear shaped like a sewing needle, six feet in length. Brolstin grants the Needle-Spear to Champions or other mortals who need it to accomplish feats of great heroism.



Clabberdashers a loosely-organized class of haberdashers found only in Sambalia, South Fedellin and North Fedellin. Clabberdashers typically travel from town to town with a cart showing off their wares, fashioning their hats while traveling between destinations. In addition to making and selling hats, clabberdashers are also enthusiastic murderers. Raving lunatics, paranoid and suspicious, prone to vivid hallucinations and unshakeable delusions, clabberdashers are violent, often kidnapping and torturing randomly chosen individuals. Despite their murderous ways, clabberdashers are simply an accepted part of their environments, which feature many similarly cruel occupations as a normal feature of their societies.

Cyrulean Knights

The Cyrulean Knights are martial paladins known for their distinctively cyrulean-blue armor, which is dyed that color through a special process known only to the Church of Brolstin. This process also grants the armor a large defensive bonus and makes the plate metal become magically pliable, improving the knights' agility while armored. Cyrulean Knights are chivalrous warriors, made entirely of widowers who join the order upon the deaths of their wives; most were tailors, haberdashers, cobblers or tanners, but any widower in Ashwentorrel is eligible. Elves, dwarves and gnomes are all common races for Cyrulean Knights. Worship of Brolstin is limited among rainids, goblins and similar races, but there have been examples of all major races becoming Cyrulean Knights. Usually perceived as dour and grim loners, the Cyrulean Knights tend to play a background role in events, often watching injustices occur and then surreptitiously righting them later. They follow a strong code of ethics, however, and are fiercely loyal and devoted to their causes. Each Cyrulean Knight is assigned a jurisdiction that he is responsible for; joint assignments are rare, though each Knight is generally allowed to accomplish his goals through whatever ethical means necessary, so a Knight may put together a team of allies to assist him.

Order of St. Jerome

The Order of St. Jerome is unique to the Province of Sambalia in Endelren. There, the area's hordes of poor-but-titled noblemen join what are ostensibly knightly orders but include a range of real martial warriors, foppish entertainers and more. The Order of St. Jerome is known for humorous antics as they patrol the streets of the Province's cities, as well as for their outlandishly dyed clothing. Part-bard and part-warrior, they receive bonuses to their skills in performance and negotiation. Higher-level members can change the color of their characteristically leather armor, with each color provoking a different mood in onlookers.

By Region


Brolstin is a major part of the Baxtossian pantheon. Widely-respected as the patron of several very important professions, Brolstin exerts a lot of influence through the workers who create hats, belts, shoes and leather goods. Not only do members of certain professions extol his virtues in this area, but he is also economically dominant. He has perfected the art of creating goods for export, and his church personally sponsors several important guilds in Pithrom, Vanthrin and Tantadrin. In Baxtos, there is a small, ongoing fashion for upper-class men to wear beltiers, or ornate belts and belt buckles; Brolstin is the patron of this trade as the god of belts.

Notably, Brolstin is not a god of tailors in Baxtos, for that is a role that was long ago filled by the god Erredros. Erredros is worshiped principally in a faraway land, where he is a gentleman's Deity, followed mostly by the upper-class and well-off noblemen of his homeland. The high quality clothing and merchandise of Baxtos reached his land and became fashionable, siphoning income from the merchants he controlled, so he long ago established a foothold on Ashwentorrel in Baxtos, where he has kept Brolstin becoming known as a god of tailors, as he is known throughout the rest of the Setting.

Tanners Day is a day in the fall when steer are selected for tanning. Traditionally, tanners are allowed first choice in most towns, even before butchers. Tanner-worshipers of Brolstin mark the occasion by using most of the meat from the animals to be tanned in a public feast. This is a Holiday often marked by parades and celebrations, and in parts of Baxtos, it is considered the official beginning of the harvest season. Tanners Day is celebrated throughout Baxtos.

In Pithrom, the Church of Brolstin operates the Shribble Shrine, an open town dump, home to scavenging poor people and a multitude of mice that are said to help the poverty-stricken inhabitants find useful goods amid the trash. This Temple to Brolstin focuses exclusively on the Zone of mice, though the town's cobblers, haberdashers and tanners do frequently come to the Shribble Shrine to provide their goods to the local poor. A local Avatar of Brolstin, a huge mouse known as Fashaglin, protects the rubble-scavengers from those who would harm them.

The principal Temple of Brolstin in the Region is the Temple of St. Jomes, in the city of Chalmoss. It is both a temple and an open-air clothing store, focusing on Brolstin's patron guilds: the cobblers, haberdashers and tanners. Hundreds of blue jays freely roam the temple grounds, tended to by the Jangler. The Jangler is a highly-respected individual in the city, rare for Chalmoss, which is a rough and violent town that does not respect most authority figures. The Jangler is traditionally closely-allied with the druids of Baxtoss, and will often intermediate between the druids, rangers and rural folk of the Region and the city of Chalmoss.

In Vanthrin, the Brolstinnian Church is organized around the Magrallian Strap, a plain-looking leather strap worn around the wrist. The Strap is an Artifact of Brolstin, and it gives the wielder awesome strength and power, both physically and magically. Bearers of the Magrallian Strap can cast the spells of Magrallian, an ancient arch-mage and devotee of Brolstin, who created the strap and bequeathed to the local church of Vanthrin. The head priest of the city wields the strap and is called the Magrallanion; he plays an important role in watching over the city's large wizarding community, and often assists the town leadership in decision-making and problem-solving.

The Capitan Crown is a crown given to a successful family of haberdashers in the Kollian Valley. This family, the Brelsteinseri, are powerful merchants in the Valley. They have moved beyond their roots and now own many stores throughout the Kollian River basin, and even in some of the coastal cities of Baxtos. Crucially, they give out loans and funding to many of the well-connected people in the area. The Brelstein Patriarch is the oldest member of the Brelsteinseri clan who is alive at any given time; the position is a Recurring Champion of Brolstin.

In the Highlands of eastern Baxtos, the rough and rocky terrain necessitates the use of sturdy, heavy-duty boots. The Bestructu Cathedral is a large Temple to Brolstin in the Temple, and it is specifically devoted to work and hiking boots. Travelers who stop by the Bestructu Cathedral will find their shoes magically repaired to superb condition as soon as they step foot on the Cathedral grounds. The building itself is tall, with five spires built into the top of a wide, flat hill; it can be seen for miles around from the right vantage points.


The Church of Brolstin and allied guilds are a major power base in Endelren. Brolstin's worship is near universal here, even among the non-human races, where he has broadened his scope to encompass their clothing, something Brolstin has only just begun to export to the other Regions of Ashwentorrel.

In the elven kingdom of Abberdamilia, the Brolstinian Guilds are closely allied with the powerful merchant clan, the Malingerini. In the kingdom of Chattanimilia, which is constantly at war with Abberdamilia, the Rellingerini clan is their counterpart. The Malingerini and the Rellingerini are constantly feuding, even during cease-fires and truces in the ongoing war between their kingdoms. Each kingdom and clan boasts an elaborate cathedral, both of them being constantly upgraded with new decorations, jeweled adornments and taller spires as they compete with each other. The Abberdamilian Temple of Holbeth and the Chattanimilian Milabile Cathedral offer dispute resolution for customers of allied guildsmen, tool sharing, education and apprenticeship. In both kingdoms, attractive clothing and accessories are considered fashionable and stylish hats, clothes and shoes for men are an important part of how gentlemen are judged in those societies.

Sambalia is a decaying empire with an aristocracy that has mushroomed to encompass most of the population. Thus, the noble poor spend obscene amounts of money, often going into grave debt, to buy the most fashionable clothing, a practice that the church of Brolstin takes advantage of to make a hefty profit. Hixter House is a fabric store that puts on shows and generally sets the fashion for the Province; Hixter House is a Temple that has long been run by the local Church of Brolstin. One of the many knightly orders in Sambalia is the Order of St. Jerome, which is known for a foppish sense of humor and dressing in outlandishly-dyed leather armor; the Order is loyal to the Church of Brolstin.

The dwarven hill country of Waxterhaus is home to Clan Truestitch, which is a sprawling clan of tailors, haberdashers and cobblers who often travel from mine to mine in small bands, offering goods and services to the locals. High quality leather armor and other leather goods is immensely valuable for the miners and rough dwarves of Waxterhaus, so the local Tanners Guild is held in high regard. In disputes, the Tanners Guild is often called in to mediate between warring parties, giving the Guild considerable political influence in the Province. Tanners Hall is a Temple in Waxterhaus, a capital for the Tanners Guild and a notable spot for negotiation between countries.

The rural Province of Obell is home to a Tailors Guild and Tanners Guild, but the the area does not have a large enough demand to support any of the other Brolstinnian guilds. The goblins of Obell recognize Brolstin as a god but do not worship him to any large degree, as they have little interest in his Zones. Similarly, the people of the Dellian Swamp and Balli recognize Brolstin as a god of limited importance because they do not have such specialized labor as to have many tailors, cobblers or haberdashers; Brolstin's status as a god of tanners, however, makes him a vital part of the culture of those rural societies.

New Linchester is a large human city, home to a set of Brolstinnian guilds: tanners, haberdashers, tailors and cobblers. Brolstin is also particularly important as a god of husbands in the city and surrounding areas.

Inner Torrellian Archipelago

The Church of Brolstin is not very powerful in the Inner Torrellian Archipelago, where there are relatively few urban areas large enough to support specialized tailor's, haberdasher's or cobbler's shops. Tanning is a common practice on most of the Inner islands, so that is the primary basis for the local Brolstinnian church. Raccoon and deer fur are the most common sources of hide for tanning. The pirates that hail from the Inner islands are generally indifferent to their clothing, making it difficult for the Church of Brolstin to gain a foothold among the local population, though a small number of pirates have adopted a more refined fashion sense, leading trends among others that the Church has begun to foster.

The Dandy is a pirate ship crewed by a gang of human men in outlandish clothing who are renowned for acrobatic and humorous displays they use while boarding ships. The Dandy is so famous that most crews don't even fight back, preferring to watch the spectacle as it unfolds; the crew never harm their victims unless attacked first. The ship sails among the Inner islands, occasionally venturing elsewhere.

The Temple of Marramosity is in Foll, where a profusion of stilt-towns has led to the need for specialized clog-like shoes. The Temple also functions as a high college of cobbling, bringing in cobblers from across Ashwen who come to the distant isle to learn their craft. Most of the kings, queens and other elite of the setting acquire their shoes from the Temple of Marramosity.

The Shrine of the Gaulden Buckle is in Morvin, and it is the largest Temple of Brolstin in the Region.

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