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Ashwentorrel is a large northern temperate island, Ashwen, and the Torrellian Archipelago. It is a Setting, inhabited mostly by humans. Largely forested with a mix of deciduous trees around the low-lying interior and coniferous pines and spruces in the more mountainous interior.



There are eight Regions in Ashwentorrel:


Ashwentorrel is a northern temperate region, and has a mix of wildlife typical for that climate. Mammals found throughout much of the Setting include raccoons, ferrets and weasels, mice and rats, wolverines, bears, badgers, otters, cougars and lynxes, coyotes and wolves. Large birds are also common predators and scavengers: eagles, falcons, vultures, osprey and owls are a major part of the Setting's ecosystem; smaller birds and songbirds are also found, but are less frequent and diverse than many other temperate settings. A small selection of amphibians and reptiles are found in the Setting, which is too cold for a large population of cold-blooded, land-dwelling creatures. Small frogs and newts are common, as is an endemic large species of salamander called the millwender. Garter and rat snakes are common, and a few species of rattlesnake in the warmer parts of the Ashwennian interior are the only poisonous reptiles in the Setting.

Coniferous trees and small shrub grasses are the most common flora in the Setting. Pines and firs are the most common type of tree, though only the highest altitude part of North and South Fedellin are entirely coniferous forests. Elsewhere, small stands of maple or other deciduous species are not uncommon. Shrubs and bushes are found throughout the Setting, providing berries, a major source of nourishment for both animals and people in Ashwentorrel. A unique family of plants exists in Ashwentorrel, found in few, if any, other parts of the globe: kinetosynthetic plants. Kinetosynthetic plants feature a specialized filament that can metabolize kinetic energy. Though smaller versions exist throughout the Setting, mostly unremarkable-looking plants, there is a highly-unusual and visible example in the south-central Region of Endelren, especially in the eastern part of that Region, in an area called the Pollex Coast, where the wavecatcher plant plants its tough roots in the coastline and extracts energy from the rough tides and waves that wash over the area.

Society and Culture

Ashwentorrel is around 90% human.


The common language of Ashwentorrel is Anglish, which is widely spoken by almost all humans in the Settings as their primary tongue, and is a secondary language for most other sentient creatures in the Setting. Some common linguistic features:

  • Local place-names feature the following:
    • the family of suffixes llian, lin, lind and land, meaning "land of"
    • the family of suffixes thrin, throm, thria, drin, meaning "most fertile"
    • the suffix wood, meaning "forested area"
    • the family of suffixes amilia, imilia, alia, meaning "joyous region"
    • the family of suffixes nir, dir, rir meaning "place of strength"
  • Characteristically common letter combinations in placenames and personal names:
    • L, M, R, TR, PL, ELL

Major Pantheon

Name Zones Other Notes
Brolstin Belts, Blue Jays, Business, Cobblers, Haberdashers, Hats, Husbands, Insanity, Mice, Leather, Shoes, Tailors, Tanners
Clamara Clothing, Beauty, Dance, Grace, Seamstresses, Tailors
Gathrapp Stonework, Stone, Architecture, Carpentry, Beavers, Xendallions
Hammerflax Caves, Clans, Dwarves, Family, Grandfathers, Iron, Masculinity, Mining, Picks, Respect
Holander Clams, Diving, Fishermen, Fishing, Narwhals, Swimming, Swordfish, Walruses
Hydrastine Tides, Waves, Ocean, Fish, Dolphins, Undertows, Water, Bass
Ivertrass Eagles, Wolves, Hunting, Tracking, Forests, Toads, Dusk, Predators
Marrara Children, Joy, Innocence, Games, Fireflies
Modrobene Death, Burial, Cemeteries, Cremation, Time, Fate, Mourning, Vultures
Monalia Canoes, Seals, Fertility, Turtles
Noxtys Fear, Dread, Monsters, Night
Naleb Agriculture, Barley, Farmers, Farms, Fertility, Gardening, Growth, Irrigation, Motherhood, Mothers, Soil, Sun, Wheat
Olaarten Beggars, Begging, Orphans, Pigeons, The Poor, Poverty, Rats, Slums
Oskoine Magic, Wizards, Omens, Mystery, Owls
Paternimander Men, Fatherhood, Bears, Wilderness
Pelatosin Skunks, Outcasts, Losers, Sadness
Quendary Assassination, Bandits, Bats, Guilt, Murder, Regret, Thievery, Thieves
Riller Pirates, Sharks, Halibut
Tallagather Trees, Woods, Nature, Druids
Treballaia Sex, Lust, Moon, Deer, Oysters
Ulthrin Fire, Hurricanes, Disasters
Vithandros Healing, Health, Adulthood, Cougars
Walleker Sailors, Ships, Shipwrights, Octopuses
Xellos Deception, Humor, Illusion, Mischief, Otters, Raccoons, Trickery, Tricksters
Yathers Ship Captains, Squid, Tuna
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