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Argon is a god of radiation, vengeance and fatherhood in the Deepdark. He has only one known Avatar, a uranium dragon whose radioactive scales emit the lifeforce that the ecosystem of the whole Deepdark relies on to survive. Argon remains in a deep slumber at the bottom of the Deepdark, in Ehuun, where the High Priest of his church, Untegrin, is said to communicate with the god in his dreams. A substantial portion of the Deepdark believes in the heretical theory that Untegrin has ensorcelled Argon and controls his power surreptitiously.[1] The Argonite Church's position is that Argon is asleep because he is psychically battling the demons that would otherwise overwhelm the Deepdark, and tribute must be paid to him continually in order to perpetuate his protection. Argon's battles against mysterious demonic forces are said to have begun during a time called the Peshweer, when dark spirits roamed the Deepdark and slaughtered innocents by the score.



Argon is said to be brother to Chamballa, and the two are together considered the most important Deities of the Deepdark pantheon, which is called the Divinatrix. The two have another brother Firgraun, who is considered just as ancient but neither as powerful nor as important. The goddess Tanillia is also said to be their aunt, though their parents are never named in Deepdark folklore,[2] and she is widely considered by scholars to be a newcomer to the Divinatrix, appearing only in the last few hundred years. It is not clear why the other gods accept her imposition as their aunt.

The Church of Argon maintains that the uranium that forms Argon's scales was originally a thick vein of pitchblende that ran through what is now Ehuun. When the first inhabitants of the Deepdark arrived, they toiled and suffered until their Argon formed himself out of mercy and recognition of their bravery and steadfastness. In return for radiating the energy that sustains life in the Deepdark, the denizens are obligated to worship him for eternity. Argon was trapped by his position, however, for the Deepdark so relied on his sustenance that he couldn't leave his perch in Ehuun or risk harming the entire civilization. He stayed there for centuries, until the time known as the Peshweer.


  • Argon's Tenders: Little is known about this reclusive order of worshipers who span all the races of the Deepdark. They are chosen for their fervor and loyalty, and are known to directly serve Argon, caring for his mortal dragon body. Tenders never leave Ehuun, and are said to feed themselves to Argon before they die.
  • Knights of Darashi: Elite paladins that swear themselves to Argon after suffering the loss of their family


  1. This theory would seem to be confirmed by the events detailed in Solitudes and Silence by Conrad Baines Talbot.
  2. Nelktor is said to be grandfather to Chamballa, Argon and Firgraun, however


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