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Anthophyll is a demigod unique to the dwarven Clan Xenarthra of Mt. Ollakel in Crikland. He is a god of steel, soapstone, iron, mining, miners, dwarves and armadillos, which are abundant on the slopes of Mt. Ollakel. Anthophyll takes the form of a large iron dragon.

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Anthophyll chooses 1 dwarf every generation and makes him a Champion, sending him out to earn glory and fame for his clan. These heroes are called Phyllans, and are marked for their distinctive, hardened soapstone armor, which is ringed like the bands of an armadillo, giving them a +4 to their defense, plus an additional +1 every other level. They can also shapechange into an armadillo at will. Phyllans use masterwork quality steel, giving them a +2 every die of damage they do with a Xenarthran sword, as well as a critical hit range increased by one.

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