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Alternate names: None
Zones: Caves, Crows, Rogues
Ability Scores
Cultural Manipulation: 20
Prophecy Fulfillment: 19
Deific Perception: 11
Divine Manifestation: 19
Economic Efficiency: 20
Military Effectiveness: 15
Mortal Comprehension: 10
Political Persuasion: 5

Allura is a goddess of rogues, caves and crows, worshiped principally in the forest of Hodsonwood in South Fedellin. Hodsonwood is a dense forest, favored by rogues as hiding spots for their riches, which are said to be protected by Allura.


The Temple of Grisha has been a place of refuge and sanctuary for those who have been "falsely" accused by other citizens, merchants, or politicians. This sanctuary comes at a price though, to be considered for protection those who fear they may at some point become persecuted, they must pay a monthly tithe of 15 gold coins to the temple. When invoking the sanctuary clause, a one time fee of 100 gold coins per person must be paid at time of hiding.

Rogues regularly come to the temple for assistance in fencing goods and to make their tithes to their Goddess, Allura. The temple's true purpose is only known by the local thieves guild, and anyone seeking to start the "rites of sanctuary" must be vetted by the thieves guild.

Merchants who come in to haggle for items or to sell their items suffer a -2 penalty to item cost, ie: they will either spend more money for items or will sell for lesser cost to an individual or temple.


  • Cultural:Artists of South Fedelin often pray to Allura so that their works might sell.
  • Economic:Merchants near Hodsonwood who purchase from the temple are often devotees of Allura.
  • Military:Low level grunts who gamble against the company regulation and warn members of the populace of upcoming seizure of person and property also are devotees of Allura.
  • Political:Members of the political spectrum whom are easily bribed or who often confuse the issue when laws come up for a vote which can economically strain the temple, merchants, or rogues are considered acolytes to the Goddess.

South Fedellin

Allura in South Fedellin
Zones Local Manifestations
Caves: .30 Temple of Grisha
Crows: .50
Rogues: .30
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Cultural: Artists of South Fedellin (20) Economic: Merchants near Hodsonwood (20)
Military: Allied grunts and guards (5) Political: Allied politicians (5)
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