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Projects About Theonosis
Collabor: A role-playing game in which you can play a Deity
Library of Lathandrus: Describe the people, places, races, languages or other elements of Theonosis
Authorship: Write a novel, short story or poem set in Theonosis
Project proposals: Work on tabletop role-playing, video games, board or card games, or other purposes for Theonosis

Theonosis is home to a number of projects. The talk page of each Province, and some Settings and Regions, should be assigned to least one project. Some Provinces may use hybrids or even special experimental projects. Feel free to discuss new ways to mix and match project ideas at project proposals.

The only organized games at the moment are the following:

  • Collabor, which is built to be played entirely on this wiki, in which your Deity's power will grow as you add interesting and high-quality content.
  • Collective is a role-playing game in which you will play your Deity, your Manifestations and your church and allies. This can be played either as a table-top game or online.

If you simply want to add content without participating in a game, you'll want to begin with the Library of Lathandrus. If you want to create derived works, see Authorship, Art or Music.

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