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Theonosis:Library of Lathandrus

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Projects About Theonosis
Collabor: A role-playing game in which you can play a Deity
Library of Lathandrus: Describe the people, places, races, languages or other elements of Theonosis
Authorship: Write a novel, short story or poem set in Theonosis
Project proposals: Work on tabletop role-playing, video games, board or card games, or other purposes for Theonosis

This page is for discussion related to Documentarians, anybody who contributes to the Library of Lathandrus. If you are a Documentarian, this means that you are describing the world of Theonosis without interacting with it as an important entity. For example, you may describe a fictional language without any pretense of actually being a part of the world of Theonosis. Alternatively, you may decide to create a particular family or school of inquiry, and continually add information as though the scholars of this family or school are adding it. In Theonosis, Documentarians are worshipers of Lathandrus.

There's no significant rules for this option. If you want to be a Documentarian, just begin, and leave a note on this talk page if you want to discuss organization with other Documentarians. See Theonosis:Geography for more on finding a part of the world to describe.

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