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Theonosis is a free setting, designed to provide as much value to as many people as possible. Do not participate in this project if you want to keep exclusive control over your work.

You may set your own works in the world of Theonosis, provided you abide by the Open Setting License. For more information, see Theonosis:Derived Works.

The content at Theonosis must be released under both of the following licenses:

  1. The Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0: All Theonosis content must be released under the Creative Commons license with the stipulation that individual credit need not be given. Credit may instead be given to the project Theonosis.
  2. The Open Setting License: All elements of the fictional setting Theonosis are Open Setting Content (OSC).
  3. Part of the OSL requires that all Open Setting Content be dual-licensed as Creative Commons. The OSL also explicitly allows for OSC to be used alongside Open Gaming License, proprietary or content under any other legal license.

For more information, see Theonosis:FAQ.

Incidental use

Theonosis may contain material relevant to published role-playing games, including content released under the Open Gaming License. Such content is being used under fair use provisions of United States law and and does not grant permission for others to do likewise under the terms of any license, nor does it constitute a challenge of ownership over the applicable copyrights.

Theonosis may also contain references to elements of other fictional settings, such as in discussions on talk page. Any incidental mention of a copyrighted element in a discussion constitutes fair use, and such mention should not be taken to imply that any subsequent result of that discussion is a derivative of the copyrighted element in question. Use of copyrighted content incidentally does not grant permission for others to use such content under any license, nor does it constitute a challenge of ownership over the applicable copyrights.

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